How are Parcel Keep parcel boxes better than other home delivery boxes?

Our Parcel Keep home delivery parcel boxes are different and very secure because: 

  • Material: Our home parcel box is made of high stress and wear resistant HPDE (the same material as riot shields). Other parcel boxes are made of metal so are prone to rust.

  • Manufacture: Parcel Keep boxes and their locks are made by Prefect Lockers of London. They have the same specifications, and therefore durability, of the hard use commercial lockers they make for schools, sports centres and swimming pools.

  • Larger parcels: The front loading operation of Parcel Keep parcel boxes means they take larger parcels than most other home delivery parcel boxes. Other brands have a top loading operation where parcels are dropped through a small flap at the top.

  • Protection of fragile items: The front loading insertion of parcels into Parcel Keep boxes also protects fragile items, since they are not being dropped from a top flap.

  • Wheelchair access: Parcel Keep home delivery boxes are wheelchair friendly, since they fit to the wall not the ground. Hence there is no bending down to recover parcels which would be difficult for wheelchair users.

  • Colour: Parcel Keep boxes will retain their colour: This is because they are made in the colour of choice - not painted.

  • Competitive price: The Parcel Keep box retails at £100 or less, so is less expensive than most of our competition. You may then wonder how good our box can be since don't you get what you pay for? This is absolutely not the case.
    Other providers make their boxes one at a time. They use metal and then powder coat them. This makes their cost of manufacture high and hence the selling price.
    Our parcel delivery boxes, however, are made completely differently. They are made of HPDE. We have invested in a mould so our boxes are very much cheaper to make. We then pass these savings on to you.