Purchase information for Parcel Keep parcel boxes


When you place an order you will receive:

  • Parcel Keep Box (Grey in colour. Bespoke colours available for orders of 500 or more).

  • Label to attach to the exterior of the Parcel Box with access instructions.

  • Signs (Left hand and right hand side) to direct postal workers and couriers to your box if it is not clearly seen from the front door. We suggest this is fitted near your bell push.

  • House Numbers – 0 to 999. (2 styles: Monochrome or Parcel Keep design as shown below).

  • Fixings with instructions

sign for postman.jpg
box house under construction.jpg

How can we sell such a superior quality parcel box at such a competitive price?

The Parcel Keep box is not as expensive as a majority of our competition. You may then wonder how good our box can be since don't you get what you pay for? This is absolutely not the case.


Other providers make their boxes one at a time. They use metal and then powder coat them. This makes their cost of manufacture high and hence the selling price.


Our parcel delivery boxes, however, are made completely differently. They are made of HPDE. We have invested in a mould so our boxes are very much cheaper to make. We then pass these savings on to you.



We are pretty sure you are going to love this product. However, we offer a no fuss, full cash refund on return of the box, within 1 month, for whatever reason.


10 year Warranty

  • Our secure parcel box is guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for 10 years from the date of purchase. This excludes misuse and accidental damage (which should be covered under your building insurance).

  • The lock is guaranteed for 1 year but replacement locks can be purchased for £25 including postage.

  • We are so confident about the security of our box that in the event the box is broken into within the first 3 years we will provide a free replacement box.

  • The above guarantees do not affect your statutory rights.