Features & specifications of the Parcel Keep parcel box 

The Parcel Keep outside lockable parcel box is superior to other home delivery
boxes, being 
more durable and long lasting.  

Tough, strong, fire resistant materials
Our home parcel box is made of high stress and wear resistant HPDE (the same material as riot shields).
Other parcel boxes use sheet metal which is not anti rust like HPDE. No cheap plastic parts are allowed in any of it’s internal components.

(Our trial boxes have shown no deterioration at all after four years in the face of all weather conditions).

Parcel Keep boxes are made for us by Prefect Lockers of London.
Our lockers have the same specifications, and therefore durability, of their hard use commercial lockers. These are used in venues such as schools, sports centres and swimming pools.


Parcel Keep boxes have a special combination lock also manufactured by Prefect Lockers and designed to be as robust as their lockers.


Lock operation
You can set your own changeable 4 figure personal pin number. With a massive 10,000 possible combinations it is virtually impossible for any thief to stumble across the combination.

  • To set a new code users simple hold the button on the side of the lock (when open) and turn the dials to the new code, release the button and the new code has been set.

  • Emergency access is quick and simple with the emergency override key provided.

  • If you have forgotten your pin and lost the override key we have a master key. (The number for the particular master key that opens your box is on a label inside your box. A record of the master key number and your unique bar code is kept by us).

  • We recommend that you keep your special override key in a safe place and to open your box you use the pin you have set.


Parcel Keep boxes are the only home delivery box easily accessible to wheelchair users since they fit to the wall not the ground.

Front Loading
The front loading operation of Parcel Keep parcel boxes shield fragile items from damage because they are placed rather than dropped into the box. It also means they take larger parcels than a box with a small slot at the top.
Our secure parcel box also takes letters and parcels under 2” deep through the letter slot.

The Parcel Keep box is designed to take 95% of parcels.

  • Exterior dimensions without the dome: 67cms high, 44cms wide and 31cms deep.

  • Exterior dimensions with the dome: 71.5cms high.

  • The capacity of the Parcel Keep box is 66.56 litres.

  • Letter slot 33cms wide and 3.5cms deep. Compliant with EN 13724