Frequently asked questions about the Parcel Keep parcel box


Is the installation of the Parcel Keep parcel box easy?

Parcel Keep boxes are easy to fit. They come with easy to follow instructions. (These are also downloadable on our website). ​ All fixings are included. All you need is a drill and a screwdriver. 


Do you offer an installation service?

A fitting service is available. Please email us your postcode for costs. Link to contact page.


Will the postal worker/courier be happy to use the Parcel Keep home parcel box?

You can be confident that postal workers and couriers will use Parcel Keep parcel boxes because they make their rounds easier, quicker, and more profitable for paid-on-delivery couriers. 

Ofcom’s rules for alternative delivery points require Royal Mail to use them (unless an exception applies).


What if a postal worker does not use the Parcel Keep box?

This is a rarity. Remind the Manager of your local sorting office in writing of Ofcom’s regulations. This always does the trick!


What if I forget the PIN code?

An emergency override key is supplied to provide quick and simple emergency access.


What if I lose the override key?

We have a master key. (The number for the particular master key that opens your box is on a label inside your box. A record of the master key number and your unique bar code is kept by us).


How do couriers/postal workers get proof of delivery’?

Couriers and postal workers can scan the unique bar code inside the door of your Parcel Keep box (or record the number). This confirms delivery, acting as a proof of delivery signature. 


How will I know I have a delivery?

The delivery person puts a delivered card through your letterbox to alert you. Many companies now send you digital confirmation of your delivery triggered by the delivery person’s scan/recording of the bar code on the inside of the Parcel Keep door.


Are Parcel Keep boxes wheelchair friendly?

Parcel Keep boxes are the only home delivery box easily accessible to wheelchair users since they fit to the wall not the ground. Hence there is no bending down to recover parcels which would be difficult for wheelchair users.


Can I get a refund if I am not happy with my home parcel delivery box?

We are pretty sure you are going to love this product. However, we offer a no fuss, full cash refund on return of the box, within 1 month, for whatever reason.


Do Parcel Keep boxes have a warranty?

Our secure parcel box is guaranteed against defective workmanship and materials for 10 years from the date of purchase. This excludes misuse and accidental damage (which should be covered under your building insurance).

The lock is guaranteed for 1 year but replacement locks can be purchased for £25 including postage.


We are so confident about the security of our box that in the event the box is broken into within the first 3 years we will provide a free replacement box.

The above guarantees do not affect your statutory rights.


Is the Parcel Keep box and it’s contents covered by insurance?

Yes. Whether your home insurance defines the Parcel Keep box as part of the house or an outbuilding it should be covered. Please check with your individual provider though.

Can I leave parcels inside for collection by couriers?

Yes. You simply need to tell the courier company to do so and give them your pin code.


What size is the Parcel Keep box?


The Parcel Keep box is designed to take 95% of parcels.

It can take more and larger parcels than most other parcel boxes because it is front loading. Other brands have a top loading operation where parcels are dropped through a small flap at the top.

  • Exterior dimensions without the dome: 67cms high, 44cms wide and 31cms deep.

  • Exterior dimensions with the dome: 71.5cms high.

  • The capacity of the Parcel Keep box is 66.56 litres.

  • Letter slot 33cms wide and 3.5cms deep. Compliant with EN 13724


How do I order the Parcel Keep box?

Click here or the order button below.


Do you deliver the Parcel Keep box overseas?

Yes but please contact us to confirm postage which varies according to location. Purchasers in the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland will pay the standard shipping.  


When will my box be delivered?

Within 7 days by courier. Orders received before 10am are dispatched same day, After 10am they re dispatched next working day.