Will the courier/postal worker know how to use the Parcel Keep home parcel box?

  • Checkout instructions: Most online stores allow you to leave delivery instructions at the time of checkout. You can copy and paste the instructions below:

‘If I’m not home to take delivery, please use my Parcel Keep box located at ———.
Enter the pin on the waybill and scan the bar code on the Parcel Keep box as proof of delivery’.

  • A location sign outside your house pointing to the Parcel Keep box (supplied).

  • ​A delivery instruction label on the Parcel Keep Box itself to remind the courier/postal worker what to do (supplied).

​How will the delivery person know my pin code to open the Parcel Keep box?

​The delivery person should recognise the pin code of the lock on your Parcel Keep box which is printed after your surname on the shipping document attached to the parcel. You will have put the pin after your surname at the time of ordering. (e.g. Smith 1432)