Technical Information


The box and the lock are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase. For boxes over 3 years old replacement locks can be purchased for £25 +VAT.

We are so convinced you will be delighted with this parcel box that a full cash refund is offered if you return within one month and are not 100% happy.


Our smart parcel delivery box comes with a special 4 digit combination lock.

It is a fact that a locker is only as secure as its lock.

Prefect Lockers advise that their 4 digit combination locks have been designed to be as robust as their lockers.

The housing and all internal components are made from a tough zinc alloy – cheap plastic parts not allowed!

With a massive 10,000 possible combinations you can assured that it is a tough ask for any thief to stumble across the combination.

The lock is easy to re-program and emergency access is quick and simple with the emergency override key provided.

To set a new code users simple hold the button on the side of the lock (when open) and turn the dials to the new code, release the button and the new code has been set.

In an emergency Sam Squirrel holds the master keys (as opposed to the override key which is for your box only) required to open your box if you have forgotten your pin AND lost the override key.  The number for the particular master key that opens your box is on a label inside your box and a record of the master key number and your unique bar code is kept by us.

We recommend that your special override key in a safe place and to open your box you use the pin you have set.