Personalized Parcel Keep




ParcelKeep Box

The ParcelKeep Box comes with the dome inside – with the instructions and fittings on how to fit the dome and/or box. Should the screw holes in the back of the box be in the wrong place drill new holes where needed.

The box can be fitted into a wall and takes the place of two house bricks horizontally and nine bricks vertically – in which case discard the dome and fix through the side into the brickwork.

Keep a copy of the instructions sent with the box in case the box fails to open when you enter the code. What has happened is that the pin has been pressed when moving the numbers. To solve insert your key and turn the lock then move each number in turn until they lock – that reveals what the number was changed to.

Press the pin and while keeping pressed move the number s back to your code, turn back the lock, remove the key and release the pin.

Your code should then be correct but test to make sure. If not go through the actions detailed above.

On the rare occurrence that a new lock is required they are available for £20 including postage.

Size is 650mm x 440mm x 310mm without the dome.

Personalised Sign

The Personalised engraved sign is 200mm square and is black PVC with the details engraved in white..
The sign will be ordered for you and dispatched direct to your address for you to attach to your box on receipt.
The sign comes with some Megabond tape to stick to your box – remove the Samsquirrel label first.
It will either show the name of the house/farm/etc. or House number and street/road + Mail & Parcel Box.


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