How it works


Parcel Keep is made for us by Prefect Lockers of London, a company established in 2004 who manufacture and supply lockers and other cabinets for hard use areas such as schools, sports centres, swimming pools etc. for both private companies and local authorities.

Our parcel delivery boxes are made of fire-resistant HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) which has high-stress resistance and is used where impact, wear resistance and toughness is required, and unlike a steel box will not rust. parcel delivery boxes

Prefect Lockers also make the special lock to which the owner can set a 4 figure pin of their choice. This code can be changed by the owner as required. If you consider your pin number has been compromised you can change the pin.

The exterior dimensions of the box ÔÇô without the dome- are 655mm high, 440mm wide and 310mm deep.┬áThe dome adds 60mm to the height, making the height 715mm.┬áThe letter slot complies with┬áEN 13724 at 330mm wide and 35mm deep.

Once your box is fitted chose your personal pin number and set the lock accordingly. When placing an internet order put your pin after your surname (e.g. A.N. Other 1945) so it will appear on your waybill.

When the courier/postman comes he can go to your Parcel Keep Box and use the code on the waybill to open it. He deposits your parcel(s) and can scan the unique bar code on the back of the door to confirm delivery, closes the door and moves the numbers to relock the door.

When you get back, use your code to open the box and retrieve your parcel.


There is always a problem at fixing a price with the majority of our competition selling at £295+ there is the often repeated argument that you get what you pay for.  You may then wonder how good our box can be with our normal selling price at least £100 less.

The majority of our competition makes their boxes, one at a time, from metal and after manufacture powder coat them so their cost of manufacture is high and hence the selling price. Our parcel delivery boxes, however, are made completely different in that they are made of HPDE high-density polythene see and we have invested in a mould so our boxes are very much cheaper to make, provided we have 1000 or more boxes made at a single time. We can then pass these savings on to you.

As HPDE cannot rust, it is a very much better material than sheet metal for an item that will be outdoors all its life.  Our trial boxes have shown no deterioration to the box at all after four + years in the rain etc., hence the 10 year warranty.

Labels Attached to the Box

To remind the postman or courier in case he forgets!

I always leave the lock on my box to a certain different number to the code for my box. I know then when this number is changed that there will be a parcel inside.

If you find they are not used by your postman first try and see him and explain but if this continues write to the Manager of your local sorting office and remind him of OfcomÔÇÖs instructions. I only had to write once!

As couriers only often get paid when delivered they like to use the box

parcel delivery boxes
parcel delivery boxes

Bar code. Each box has a unique bar code inside which can be scanned for proof of delivery if required.

Note SamSqurirrelBox┬á and Parcelkeep are both made by The Depot Box Ltd and are identical except for the name ÔÇô but we have found not everyone likes┬á Squirrels!

parcel delivery boxes

210 x 210

Box shoud be sent as a parcelkeep but if you would prefer a SamSquirrel please advise or even an engaved sign (£20 extra)

parcel delivery boxes parcel delivery boxes


Included in the box

parcel delivery boxes

Signs to direct couriers and postmen to your box if it is not clearly seen from the front door. We suggest this is fitted near your bell push.

One right and one left sign are included

Simple fitting instructions
All Fixings needed

House Numbers

000 ÔÇô 999

To comply with OfcomÔÇÖs rules for alternative delivery point
Fitting to a house under construction
Our bricks is approved by building regulations to fit between the face bricks and half the cavity parcel delivery boxes
parcel delivery boxes Can be fully inset in a wall during building

The approved height for a letter box slot is between 70mm and 170mm off the ground. So by installing the box 1 meter off the ground the letter slot is at the required height and box itself complies with building regulations and for use by owners in a wheel chair. Plan to place the box where does it not block the path and preferably where it can be easily seen by the postman/courier.

We are 99% certain youÔÇÖre going to love this product, but to make you 100% happy with the product and your purchasing experience we offer a full, no fuss money back guarantee on return of the box, within 1 month if it turns out for whatever reason itÔÇÖs not for you.


The box itself is guaranteed against defective workmanship/defective materials for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase excluding accidental damage ÔÇô when should be covered under your building insurance – and misuse.

The guarantee on the lock is limited to 1 year but replacements can be purchased for £20 including postage.

Finally we are so confident about the security of our box that in the event the box is broken into within the first 3 years we will provide a free replacement box.

The above guarantees do not affect your statutory rights.

parcel delivery boxes

Salient Points OfcomÔÇÖs assessment and decision on the approval of alternative delivery points

18th December 2013

5.14 We consider that unless there are any exceptional circumstances as set out in our direction, Royal Mail is required to deliver to each home or premises or approved alternative delivery point in the UK.

Our approval includes an approval of customer installed boxes.

If Royal Mail cannot deliver to a home or premises, and there is a customer-installed box which meets the criteria for our approval, Royal Mail must deliver to it unless an exception applies.