For those that donÔÇÖt like squirrels ÔÇô even red ones ÔÇô we have been asked for a different design ÔÇô hence parcel keep, but except for the badge the boxes are identical so the following feedback also applies.

I can confirm that the Sam Squirrel Post and Parcel box is already making a difference to deliveries. As an electrician I get a lot of deliveries when there is no one in, having the box means there is a safe place for them to be left. The regular delivery drivers have all agreed that they can use it but some companies have policies which mean they cannot leave a parcel without a signature, hopefully as the concept becomes more widespread they will see the light and change their policies.
I am a very pleased customer.
Kevin Holmes

I am delighted to say that the Sam Squirrel box is working just as you described it should. We travel a lot and it is great to know that we can accept deliveries at home while we are away and not face that endless hassle of trying to arrange re-deliveries.
Best regards,

Philip G Scott

Although we had an initial hiccup with the locking mechanism this was quickly resolved by the Sam Squirrel Team. Since then the post box has been invaluable for receiving all those EBay purchases and even better I can leave sensitive equipment and documents to be collected by work colleagues on call at any time of the day or night without being disturbed myself yet the security of the documents was not reduced. Great product Thanks
Mike and Tracey

We are absolutely delighted with our new Post Box. It has saved us a lot of time, I can now have a shower in the morning, peacefully, without having to go outside with wet hair, to sign for our deliveries. The Postman and Van Deliverers now don’t have to wait for us to open the electric gates at the bottom of our drive. Also, the Van Drivers and Postman are saying this box is saving their time too. If everybody had these squirrels, the country would have Fridays off!
We wish you continued success with this fantastic Product – which we can highly recommend.
Kind regards
Bill Groome

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