Why do you want a phone number with my order?

So we can contact you before delivery.┬áIf we have an agent in your area he will bring the box to you and fit the box if requested when ordering. Alternatively he may offer to fit when he comes ÔÇô You then agree a price and pay the agent direct.

When will my box be delivered?

Usually within 7 days by preferably our local agent but if not by a leading courier company. Orders received before 10am are dispatched same day, After 10 – will be dispatched next working day.

How many deliveries will the box take?

Our parcel box for home can be opened by any courier or postman that has your pin on waybill. The number of parcels you can receive anyone day will depend on the size of your parcels ÔÇô but emptying the box every day ensures that you have the maximum capacity available.

Can I leave parcels inside for collection by Couriers?

Yes provided you have explained to the company and they are aware of your pin.

How does your box compare with other courier boxes, drop boxes, safe boxes?

Of the various features to consider; ┬ásafety ÔÇô the box is locked when not actually in use, the ability to take more than one parcel, the ability to confirm delivery by scanning the bar code, horizontal load making it safe for fragile items and easier to open, suitable for wheelchair users, compliance with EN 13724 – we consider only our boxes tick all the boxes. To compare please see Parcel Safe, Hippo Box, Ibin, SafePost 80, Parcel Pod, Ashguard

How do I keep my pin safe?

Ensure you rip up the label on the packaging of each delivery so your pin cannot be found in your dustbin.  In my own case the local postman, who I trust, knows my code and so can insert a parcel whether or not my pin is on the packaging.

Is there any insurance on my box?

We concur with other box manufacturers that once the box is fitted it then becomes part of the house and cover is available for the box and its contents under the terms of your existing householderÔÇÖs policy.