Royal Mail 1st & 2nd Class Stamps Go Up In Price

If you send out a lot of parcels and other types of post, it’ll likely come as a bit of a nasty surprise that Royal Mail is about to increase the cost for both first and second class stamps… particularly tricky if you run a small business that depends on sending out items on a regular basis.

As of March 25th, the price of a first class stamp will go up by 3p to 70p, while second class stamps will go up by 3p to reach 61p, changes that are apparently necessary to ensure the sustainability of the Universal Postal Service.

Royal Mail also intends to make a few changes to its pricing structure of the Redirection service and from March 25th, pricing will be based on the number of applicants instead of a per surname basis, so as to more accurately reflect modern society.

The company does note that its stamp prices are some of the best value in Europe, compared to other postal providers. The European average for first class letters is apparently 99p, which the UK equivalent comes below.

While the cost of stamps might well have gone up, at least they’re looking pretty at the moment! Royal Mail also revealed this month (February) that it now has a 15-stamp set of Marvel Super Hero stamps to mark the UK’s celebration of these iconic comic stories.

You’ll see the likes of Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, Peggy Carter, Union Jack and Black Panther, among others, on the stamps so if you want to add a bit of extra pizzazz to your parcels, this could be just the way to do it.

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